It's Time To Plan A BBQ

What’s better than a fun filled BBQ party to enjoy a lazy summer afternoon? Or an evening perhaps? Call a few friends or colleagues and invite them over, go out into the backyard and prepare a tempting BBQ meal.

Just imagine, a cool summer’s night with a group of friends or family members, light music, the mouthwatering aroma of luscious meat being grilled up to the mark and that absolutely delightful smokey flavor!

BBQ parties are always fun and festive. You can celebrate your birthday or hold any reception at a BBQ party. With great flavored meat to devour and a mirthful lot of friends, such get togethers are always a joyous event. You can arrange it on a smaller scale with only your family members or some close friends, or it can be a large scale corporate event where you invite a lot of professionals and create a formal ambience.

Making invitation lists, choosing whom to invite, sending out invitations, deciding upon the menu items, selecting the appropriate caterer, buying and making arrangements for all other items like dining furniture, crockery, grill, bar, drinks… the “to-do” list is never ending and you, as the host, remain the busiest person for a week or more perhaps, depending upon the scale of the event.

Out of all the preparations for the BBQ party, the most important item is, no doubt, the food. Select the best items that are simple, yet appealing to all. You can start off with a fresh juice as a starter, let’s say, orange or pineapple juice, that would be light and refreshing. For the main meal, you can have hamburger patties or hotdogs or chicken steaks. Marinate the meat pieces a few hours before you start the BBQ - that enhances the flavour and makes the meat tender, quicker. Top up the entire meal with a dessert, be it chocolate mousse or vanilla cupcakes or candy floss.

Also, estimate the quantity of each item that you may require depending upon the number of guests on your list. Some items are always extremely popular like chicken and corn, so make sure to order a little extra of those. Keep in mind the type of guests to come, if for instance, more children are on your list, make sure to go for chips and corn as appetisers and order a little extra so that everyone is able completely satisfy their appetites.

And whats a BBQ party without sweet corn? Be it boiled or grilled, buttered up or spiced down, a BBQ party is surely incomplete without corn on the cob on the menu. This classic item can be served as a side dish, appetizer or the main event and it's extremely popular with people of all ages. It adds value to the menu and can be prepared easily at home.

To avoid hassles though, it is best to contact a suitable catering service and seek their advice and assistance for the entire menu or part. One step ahead of all conventional caterers is The Mighty Cob. They not only supply you with the food you have ordered, but they also have a complete team of highly trained staff members who are responsible for the entire organization of the event, beginning from the set-up and the initial preparations to the cleaning and clearing up once the event is over. Infact, when it comes to BBQ party catering, nobody does it better than The Mighty Cob!

The Mighty Cob understands the elements of BBQ party catering service and provides a large number of menu items that are relevant to such occasions. These includes sausages, hotdogs, hamburgers and steaks, all of which can be made available in different flavours and include all the frills with each of the products.

You love to give your guests a memorable time and The Mighty Cob will ensure that such arrangements are made along with providing mouthwatering gourmet food items. Your guests will keep raving about your event for a long time to come.

Their claim to fame item is their Eloté and Esquittes that will definitely be the most popular item at your party, so don’t forget to order those too! Just view their menu and select any items from their sweet corn, BBQ and drink options and place a tailored order to suit your taste and style.

Alaeddine Jabri